Our Financial Planning Process:

We believe that Financial Planning is not a one-time project but rather should be viewed as an ongoing practice. To that end we have 2 distinct phases in how we work with clients – Initial Project and Ongoing Planning. 

Initial Project – Typically 3-5 meetings in duration

  • Meeting #1 –
    • Identify and Prioritize your Key Issues
    • Review your current financial position – We look to understand your Cash Flow, Debt, and Cash Reserves, as these form the foundation of everything that we do.
  • Meeting #2 –
    • Work thru Key Issue #1, discuss various strategies and options, make recommendations, prepare “To Do’s” to get done prior to our next meeting
  • Meeting #3 –
    • Recap progress towards Key Issue #1.  Repeat process for Key Issue #2.
  • Continue meeting and repeating until all Key Issues have been addressed.

Note: It is possible to combine multiple Key Issues into a single meeting if time permits.

Ongoing Planning

Now that the “Heavy Lifting” has been completed we move to the important maintenance part of our relationship where we meet on a regular basis to review, assess, and make changes as needed to the various working parts of your overall Financial Plan.  This might include rebalancing investment accounts or reviewing income tax returns. There always seem to be important items that come up during review sessions, as life is dynamic.